Is My Gas Furnace To Blame For Dry Indoor Air?

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The air in the home can get rather dry in the winter, leaving many Philadelphia homeowners cursing their gas furnace. But is the furnace really to blame? That’s what you want to know. “Is my gas furnace to blame for my dry indoor air, Do i need a Furnace repair !!!?

What a gas furnace does and how it affects air quality?

A gas furnace heats the air in the home by burning gas, raising the temperature so you don’t freeze. Now, there are two types of furnaces: atmospheric combustion and sealed combustion.

An atmospheric combustion furnace draws combustion air from the house, while a sealed combustion furnace pulls its combustion air from the outdoors. With the former, when air is taken from your home and used to burn the natural gas to heat your home, it leaves a void, a void that must be filled by outside air. “For every cubic foot of air that enters the furnace, another cubic foot of air has to come into your home to make up for the air that gets used by the furnace,” explains Rob Devitt, HVAC Philly service technician.
So when an atmospheric combustion furnace is running in a conditioned space, it causes dry outdoor air to enter your home, lower humidity, and yes, dry out the air. When an atmospheric combustion furnace is running in an unconditioned space, like an attic, garage, or crawl space, it should not affect humidity.
A sealed combustion furnace, because it pulls combustion air from the outdoors, will not dry out your air either.

Furnace Repair And Dry Indoor Air

If the air in your home is too dry, it typically means you are getting too much outdoor air inside your home. This could happen for a number of reasons, including: Leaks in the Building Envelope: High infiltration rates can bring a lot of cold, dry air into your home, warns Devitt. Over-ventilation: Too much ventilated air means you are spending more on heating and humidifying. Leaky Duct-work: Duct Sealing can help reduce duct leakage, improve energy efficiency, and help better indoor air quality (IAQ). Though it should not be done until duct testing has been done to verify ducts are sized correctly.

When in doubt, schedule a total energy solution audit This is perfect for homeowners who notice inadequate heating or cooling in one or many rooms, warm or cold spots in certain rooms, high utility bills, mold or mildew infestations, and, of course, issues with humidity. Completing recommended repairs following a Total Energy Solution Audit will not only improve comfort, but shrink energy bills and improve the quality of your indoor air.

If you have any questions about alleviating Dry Indoor Air, or if you wish to schedule maintenance for your Gas Furnace, please CONTACT US today at 215-725-6111. Whether you need to schedule an appointment for repair, installation, or a comprehensive home performance audit, HVAC Philly can handle the job. Regardless of what type of heating system you have in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties our team has an affordable solution. Contact us today to learn about all our options and solutions for your Heater repair and installation service in Philadelphia. We look forward to working with you soon.

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