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HVAC Philly is a full service Heating & Air Conditioning Repair company proudly serving residences and businesses in the PhiladelphiaBucks and Montgomery county area since 1994. At HVAC Philly we offer same day and 24-hour emergency service, as a greater Philadelphia licensed Hvac contractor, we install and service air conditioning and heating systems. In addition, we offer preventative maintenance plans, indoor air quality (IAQ) products, accessories and custom ductwork.

Heater Repair and Furnace Service

Our expertise in furnace, boiler and heat pump repair and installation includes all makes and models. If your heater / furnace is old, new, requires service, maintenance or needs a major repair – HVAC Philly is your Philadelphia heating services provider

Air Conditioning Repair / AC Services

Air conditioners are complex mechanical systems that depend on a wide variety of conditions to work correctly, our Philadelphia AC service technicians are certified and well trained to handle all of your air conditioning needs.

Commercial HVAC

Service your clients and employees deserve, whether you need an emergency HVAC repair, a preventive service agreement or a quick system replacement we will provide a variety of options to meet your budget and keep your business running comfortably all year round.

Philadelphia Heating And Air Conditioning Services

Stay cool with HVAC Philly’s Air conditioner repair and installation services, reduce your heating cost with a range of furnaces that will bring efficient warmth to your home featuring AFUE ratings from 90% up to 98%. That means that at least 90% or more of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home. When you’re looking to replace your boiler, look no further we’ll recommend an efficient, reliable and affordable system perfectly suited to your needs. HVAC Philly has a wide variety of heat pump options to replace inefficient oil and propane fired heaters.

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Average Heater Repair Cost

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Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

September 29, 2016

If the past week’s cold weather has told us anything, it’s that fall is here and winter is near. Soon, it’ll be time to fire up those furnaces and start paying heating bills. What is the best way to cut down on your heating bills? By making sure your home is energy efficient! Read on for […]

Simple Heater Repair

Simple Heater Repair

September 21, 2016

Simple Heater Repair               Having a broken heater is no fun, especially in the dead of winter. What’s worse than having a broken heater? Waiting for your Philadelphia Heating Company to arrive and finding out that you could have easily fixed your furnace yourself. Oftentimes, you can easily perform heater repair without the help of the […]

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Awesome Service

Awesome service. Made a call at 7:30 AM, they were on location by 11:00 and had completed repairs by noon. UPDATE: Had Adel, Dan and the team do a total AC replacement: compressor, line set, a-coil. Again, great service, amazingly thorough, excellent work. Would recommend to everyone (and have).
Polite and knowledgeable technicians. Will definitely be using them in the future.”

Sean Maloney

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Our team will do all your projects on time ad well within the budget. You can be safe and certain about that with our company.


All HVAC Philly staff members are old enough to take the wheel. If steered in the wrong direction, the responsibility lies with us.

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You can always rely on HVAC Philly to be at the job site on-time and to always respect your time and property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A SEER and EER?
  • When Do I Have To Replace My System
  • How Often Should I Change My Air Filter
  • How Do I Increase The Efficiency Of My Unit
  • How Can I Reduce The Allergens In My Home
  • What Is The Best Way To Schedule A Service Call
What Is A SEER and EER?

Since January 2006, all residential air conditioners sold in the United States must have at least a 13 SEER. SEER is the abbreviation for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it is a U.S. government standard energy rating and reflects the overall system efficiency of your cooling system. An EER is short for Energy Efficiency Ratio and doesn’t take into consideration the time of year, but rather the system’s energy efficiency at the peak operating use. Both ratings should be considered in choosing cooling products. The rating is a ratio of the cooling output divided by the power consumption and measures the cooling performance of the system. The Federal government developed an ENERGY STAR program for high efficiency central air conditioning systems that in order to qualify must have a SEER of at least 14.

When Do I Have To Replace My System

Buying or upgrading your HVAC system is a major investment that can be costly but it can be a good decision to make. Having a new HVAC system can help you save money in operation cost and repairs. Considering an evaluation from a certified professional can help you make sound decisions. HVAC Philly can conduct a free evaluation of your current HVAC system.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter

At the risk of telling you something you’re tired of hearing, replace the air filter in your furnace on a regular basis. Dirty air filters reduce the amount of air flowing through a system and make the furnace work harder to maintain the temperature. How often you change the filter depends on the type of filter you use, if you have pets, and the size of your equipment. Please give us a call and we can give you proper guidance.

How Do I Increase The Efficiency Of My Unit

Everyone knows that if you don’t get your car serviced from time to time, you will pay for it in the long run with more costly repairs, lessened fuel efficiency, and a lower life expectancy. It’s no different for your HVAC equipment. An air conditioner requires regular maintenance in order for it to run at peak performance. Preventative maintenance should include cleaning your refrigerant coils so that the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside (or vice versa) is not inhibited by dirt and debris. The heating and cooling components should also be checked in order to catch small problems before they become big ones. If you stay on top of your HVAC system’s maintenance then it will work for you, instead of you working for it. Check out our Services page to find out more about our preventative maintenance plan, the Safety and Efficiency Agreement.

How Can I Reduce The Allergens In My Home

There are a number of things you can do to reduce allergens in your home. One of the most effective methods would be to replace your home’s duct system. Many people don’t realize this, but a vast amount of the homes in the Greater Philadelphia area were built during the same period, about 50-75 years ago. While the air conditioning and heating equipment have likely long-since been replaced, the duct systems for most of these homes have not been touched since they were installed. Over the years a duct system can develop leaks that break the seal that separates your conditioned air from the elements, opening the floodgates for all sorts of contaminants. If you haven’t serviced or replaced your duct system, you could have dust mites, dirt, or even mold caked to the inner walls that the air you breathe passes over. If you are concerned that your duct system is contaminated or leaking air, just give us a call. We will assess your duct system and inform you of any damage free of charge.

What Is The Best Way To Schedule A Service Call

You can contact or schedule an appointment with HVAC Philly by calling 215-725-6111 or by filling out our schedule request form. Generally, we respond within a few minutes and at the very most, 24 hours. We do provide emergency service at night and on weekends!

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